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CA-XL  XLarge Cargo Apron for SUV cargo area length 85" to 96"

The XLarge CarGo Apron, SUV auto cargo / trunk liner with 20" sides,  turns the family SUV into a weekend pickup to haul messy loads of any kind.


Covers cargo area 96”long by 48” wide.

Made of 11 Mil, 200 GMS 

Woven polyethylene. 



CA-XL XLarge Cargo Apron for SUV cargo area length 85" to 96"

SKU: 863971000253
  • The XLarge Cargo Apron, auto cargo / trunk liner with 20" sides, fits the cargo area behind the front seats, in SUV’s, Mini Vans, and hatchback style vehicles, when the second and third row seats are folded flat, or removed.

    The optimal cargo area length (distance from back of front seats to rear hatch) is 96”.

    Sizing is flexible to allow for use as a cargo liner in areas of 85” to 96” in length.

    Haul yard waste, mulch, hay, demolition, disaster debris, muddy camping, hunting, pets, or construction gear.

    If the entire load is waste to be removed, the CarGo Apron can be pulled out and the load dumped in one operation. Simply detach the suspension cords from the headrests and the interior sides before pulling the CarGo Apron from the rear of the vehicle.

    Easy Removal - Less than one minute to uninstall the CarGo Apron.

    Fully Integrated System - No permanent attachments to your vehicle. Everything you need for installation is part of CarGo Apron.  No parts are left in the vehicle.

    Box Design - Protects the back of forward seats and the 20" high sides protect the interior sidewalls.

    Rear Flap - Protects the interior side of tailgate or hatch door. For vehicles with hatch doors, the rear flap protects the bumper when loading and unloading cargo or debris.

    Compact - Rolls up for convenient under seat storage.

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